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I am outside thinking about you.

I just saw you ride by my house on a bike. Like I summoned you. Then while I was thinking that, you walked back. I shouted Hello but you didn’t hear me. I walked to the fence and waved. I thought you were having bike trouble. And I figured if you needed something you could come here. But you just kept going. Shouted something to me but I didn’t hear it.

Would Florida Jesus be covered in mosquito bites? If the revelation of God to Man had just happened in a different climate would there be any unique revelations compared to the richly allegorical desert setting we have now? Would Jesus kill a mosquito that landed on him or let it bite? Would a mosquito even land on Jesus? Serious theosophical questions.

I just saw you on your way passed my house again. You asked me if I wanted to go to Hideaway. I said maybe in a little bit you gonna be there awhile? Real cool. Or is it actually because I don’t want to because I’m afraid to. Let me finish my beer and then I’ll ride my bike up there.


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